A 6-year-old Michigan boy was shot after going back to retrieve his following after a break from riding with friends. Unfortunately, the trigger-happy neighbor who shot him was released on a $10k bond, leaving the community in shock.

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A local Michigan neighborhood was sent into shock recently when 6-year-old Coby Daniel was shot after retrieving his bike from a long day of hanging out with his friends in the neighborhood. Coby will make a full recovery, but the trauma of the situation and the fact it was someone that lives by him will be a massive hurdle to get over. More importantly, with him being a child, it’s going to be harder to process.

Fox2 Detriot reports the shooting was so cold and calculated that the neighbor put down his original first weapon of choice, a SLEDGEHAMMER, to go back in for his gun.

Arnold Daniel says his kids were outside on their bikes on Candlewood Lane in Ypsilanti Township when they stopped their bikes and left one of them in front of a neighbor’s home. When Coby went back to get his bike, Daniel said the neighbor came out with a sledgehammer in his hand and said something to the boy. Daniel said he didn’t know exactly what was said but knows his son said something back.

After that, the neighbor went back inside and Daniel said he shot a gun through the front window, hitting Coby in the arm.

“He tried hitting me with a sledgehammer but that’s not going to work because I’m too fast. (Then he) got a gun and BOOM shot me right here,” Coby said.

The bullet went through the boy’s arm and he was rushed to the hospital. Daniel said the doctor told him that had the bullet been an inch in either direction it likely would have killed Coby.

The trigger-happy neighbor, Ryan Le-Nguyen, has reportedly given the local kids issues before, one time even trying to throw their bikes away. Hopefully, he won’t be around much longer as he was arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder. He was behind bars for three days before being released on a $10k bond.

Many of the neighbors are upset and confused at how his bond was so low. Luckily, the shooting of Coby was captured on video to show just how dangerous to the community Ryan really is.

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